It's not easy to figure out which attorney to hire when you don't have any experience in a courtroom or legal education. While it is perfectly legal for an accused person to represent themselves, it is almost never a good idea to do so. When you have a toothache, you call a dentist. When your house is burning down, you call the fire department.  And when you are facing possible incarceration, you should call an attorney who specializes in criminal law. In fact, one of our country's best lawyers, Abraham Lincoln, once said "He who represents himself has a fool for a client."

The best way to pick an attorney is by their training and experience, reviews by past clients, results of prior cases, and the opinions of other attorneys in the community. I have been the lead attorney on many jury trials and dozens of hearings throughout my legal career. My law firm is focused exclusively on DUIs, Driving Offenses and Criminal Defense so I can focus all of my attention on mastering this complex area of the law. Hopefully, the information provided on this page will convince you that I will provide you top-notch representation, going above and beyond not only to fight hard for the best resolution to your case but also to communicate what is going on at each stage in the process. Please note that prior results do not guarantee identical results for similar charges, every case is different and depends on the facts, criminal history of the accused, the prosecutor and the Judge.

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I was on holiday in Orlando from the UK, I got into a street fight, (self defence) that ended in a battery charge, Seth fought his hardest and got the charges dropped. Honest upfront cost. I would definitely use him again if ever I was in any trouble in Florida! - Peter S.

Mr. Hyman was professional, courteous, and effective. I recommend Seth to work for you. - Jonathan

Seth Hyman is great at what he does. My license was being revoked for 5 years and Mr. Hyman researched my case and made some calls and resolved my issue without even having to go to court. He is a great communicator and goes over every aspect of your case with you. Anybody needing a lawyer in the state of Florida call Seth Hyman he will do his best to get the job done. - Jose

My husband was involved in a DUI case and we decided to take Mr. Hyman's help. He is very professional and very good in his work. He is also very paitent because I had many questions in my head but thanks to his patience and his professionalism I had a good experience. We recommend him because he is the best. - Romina B.

I called around a lot of offices looking for representation, and Attorney Hyman was clearly the BEST choice! He worked hard for my case, gave it the attention it needed, and got the best possible outcome! Very honest, reliable, trustworthy and smart in forming the perfect defense. If you're looking for representation, make the right choice with Seth Hyman. It was the best decision I made!. - M Chaudry

Mr. Hyman worked harder for my drug case than any other attorney has ever done for me. He’s young, knowledgeable, and aggressive in a respectful way. He will pick the case apart and find holes and problems in the states case. You should absolutely trust Mr. Hyman with your freedom. He’s your best bet. - Martin

Seth really pulled through and knocked the case right out. Way faster than I could've imagined. He was very informative of all aspects of the case and the events that would take place with each step of the case.

- Armando

This guy is hands down the best!!! I’m a young man who has got a lot of speeding tickets I hired multiple attorneys in the last 4 years to fight tickets with always excuse on why they didn’t win.... Seth on the other hand had no problem fighting my tickets and of course with a victory, your not a number to him he establishes a relationship with you and calls on a regular with updates on court and everything you need to know!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

- Devin

Seth was one of the few attorneys that I called who responded immediately. He patiently listened to me and was able to provide sound and reasonable council. Highly professional and would 100% recommend! - Anonymous

I had Atty. Hyman represent my son in a very important case. He's the best attorney by far. He made sure the work he did was through & worked in the best interest of my son & the results worked in my son's favor. I recommend him highly!! - Marcia

Seth was a pleasure to work with. He kept an open line of communication and made himself available at all times. Even though I know he had a lot of others to focus on, he still made me feel as though my case was important to him. Very happy with the results and service Seth provided me over the last few months of working together. Thank you so much! - Nick S.

Mr. Hyman represented my Step Daughter in a Criminal First Degree Felony case...actually 2. He was able to get charges changed, and worked diligently to do everything possible. He was able to get some of the more serious charges removed and others lessened. He worked to get her in to a program that would allow her to get the treatment that she needs. He's the best attorney by far. He made sure the work he did was thorough & worked in the best interest of my step daughter & the results worked in her favor. I HIGHLY recommend him if you are in need of an excellent criminal attorney! - Parent

EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!! Seth knows the ins and outs of law. He personally oversees each case and fights for your rights. He is diligent to calling you back and gives frequent updates. He makes you feel like you are a family member. HE CARES ABOUT YOU!!! Seth is a really nice Guy. - Greeter Nick

Seth Hyman is the greatest lawyer ever. I got a ticket for driving 39 miles over the speed limit and he was able to drop it to 19 miles over. Everytime I needed to talk to him he answered the phone within the same day and you’re communicating with him directly. I would definitely recommend him. - Amal

I had spoken to a few attorneys before speaking with Seth, and out of all of them I really liked how he explained and informed me how he would handle my situation. I hired him with complete confidence that he would do everything in my best interest unlike other attorneys I had spoken to. He went above and beyond, was very strategic, and kept me informed throughout my case. He is an honest, professional, and reliable lawyer who I would 100% recommend. - Orlando H.

Thanks to Seth Hyman I was able to get my case resolved accordingly with a great end. Communication with Seth was amazing, kept me updated with every step of the case and was very clear with me from the beginning. Highly recommend you get this man on your side! - Justin A.

Seth Hyman represented me on a DUI/REFUSAL case. I fired an attorney to hire him, he represented me in a professional manner. His prices never changed, from the original contract. The previous attorney charged 10k didn’t do anything, except continued my case. He wanted more money up front to take it trial. Seth Hyman charged a flat rate with no hidden cost. He always answered my calls via email, text or by voice to address my concerns. I will recommend Seth Hyman to anybody who needs a good attorney. Thank you Mr Hyman for resolving my cases. God’s blessings. - Ugiste M.

I would highly recommend Seth Hyman to anyone needing legal representation he did an excellent job. Perhaps the thing that impressed me most about Seth was nothing was "sugar coated". He was very straight forward and told my husband and I what to expect each step of the way. Going thru the process from start to finish, Seth kept my husband and I informed of each step and what the options were and what the risks were. There were no empty promises made just to keep the client happy. I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. There no words to describe this gentleman work ethic! Our questions were always answered, my emails and phone calls were always been returned promptly. We cannot thank him enough for the way he successfully handled my case. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have any legal issues & you want the best attorney to help you. He is a wonderful attorney we could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else. Thanks Seth Hyman! - Ana L.

My experience with Seth has been outstanding. He was my daughter’s attorney on a juvenile case . He was persistent and patient with her and got her a dismissal. I really appreciate him and his professionalism. I would definitely recommend Seth to friends and family. - Lenore W.

Attorney Hyman is a very dedicated attorney it was easy to communicate with him. He kept me informed every step of the way. He was able to make the "legal jargon" simple and easy to understand. He never failed to answer and/or returned my calls. I highly recommend him. - Winnie E.

Seth took care of my case at a reasonable price and did exactly what he said he would do. He responsiveness was impeccable. He got what I needed done faster then I thought was possible. - Corey W.

I have employed many lawyers for my personal business operations, and they were great business lawyers but had no expertise with my new problem. Recently I required correspondence with the State Attorney's Office, which had me very stressed out.

I located Seth Hyman from a Google search, and he evaluated my situation, recommended a proper course of action, and completed all documents in a timely manner. I appreciate the professional and emotional support solving these stressful issues. - Anonymous

Seth Hyman is the greatest attorney. He follows up, and keeps you informed of every detail. Sincere, honest and has a great personality. The best lawyer you could ever find. Give Seth a call if you need or ever need a lawyer, he is the Best there is. - Phillip R.

I was the cause an unfavorable event on the road recently. One that caused no harm to anyone, yet switching lanes with a blind spot, side-swipe incident that only caused damage to my car. After pulling over to verify no injuries and no damage to the other driver and his vehicle, I felt it was safe to leave without exchanging information. After speaking with friends and family, they questioned if this could be considered a "hit and run" on my part.

In the morning, I googled "hit and run in FL", and two attorney offices came up: 1.) Morgan and Morgan and 2.) Seth Hyman Law. I called Seth Hyman Law first.

Seth immediately assessed my nervousness, anxiety, and just knew that I was genuinely scared. He set my mind at ease, never used the word "guarantee", but used words like "highly unlikely", "improbable", and "in my past experiences", and he was able to give me direction as to how to relax and move on with a good life.

I want to thank Seth Hyman for his professionalism, his knowledge, and most of all, his human nature. My days of shopping for attorneys (if ever needed again in the future) are over.

Thank you Mr. Hyman, you made a huge difference in my life, and you have my endorsement for life, sir. - Mick T.

I highly recommend Mr. Seth Hyman for representation. He's quick on what he does he applied pressure to my case that I'm extremely grateful for. Mr. Hyman did everything at a professional timely manner that shocked me. I will definitely have him represent me again if i got into a another situation. Thanks again I'm so grateful. This is the first time that I've ever hired Mr. Hyman for representation and I do not regret it. I will highly recommend him for anyone that's looking for an attorney he's an amazing attorney. - Katrina B.

My experience with Attorney Hyman was extremely positive.  He is very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough with his work. He went above and beyond for me and I would highly recommended Attorney Hyman for anyone needing legal help or advice!. - Brian R.

A couple of months ago I was involved in a parking lot "fender bender". I was blamed for the accident and received a ticket for careless driving. I contacted Seth Hyman to represent me. Seth responded within a hour of me leaving a message with his office. He was friendly and professional asking many questions trying to understand the situation. His price was very reasonable, without any hidden fees. From there he went to work, scheduling a hearing and researching my case. We talked several times on the phone, and email, he was easy to contact and remained responsive. Before the hearing he met me at the scene to complete his understanding of what exactly had happened. Since I never denied at least some culpability in the accident, it was a tough case. He went to court and advocated on my behalf and achieved a far better result than I could have on my own. And even though I was found guilty of the careless driving charge, adjudication was withheld, and I was not charged with accident itself. No points, no school, no court costs, just simply a small fine. I would definitely use Seth again and recommend him to my family and friends.. - Laser Lagan

Seth Hyman handled my case with the utmost care and concern. He was forward about everything never leaving me in question about any decision that had to be made. His attention to detail is impeccable and his execution was done with finesse. He took control of the situation and had my case dismissed by the case. A win for everyone. I highly recommend Seth and will be using him in the future. - Hayden C.

El abogado Seth Hyman fue siempre muy profesional, atendió todas mis preguntas con sumo cuidado e interés sobre todo me ayudo a resolver mi caso en un corto plazo por lo cual estoy agradecida y lo recomiendo en su totalidad. - Sandy

Translation: Attorney Seth Hyman was always professional, answered all of my questions, and protected my interests. He helped me resolve my case in court. I am grateful and totally recommend him.

Mr. Hyman is the truth. This mans character during the heat of the moment is calm, collective & patient. Constructing a plan and executing it, you will definitely feel at ease having him by your side. Big thing is LISTEN to him, he will not steer you wrong. Only other advice to whoever reads this Evedience is key, Mr. Hyman will take care of the rest. - Jimmy G.

I strongly recommend Seth Hyman to handle any case which you may have . He’s reliable and keeps you updated with any proceedings. He’s not greedy and is fair to his clients . He was able to have a citation dismissed and he was even happier for me . I hope prosperity surrounds him always. - Sita M.

Seth was everything the reviews said he was. Very professional and courteous. He took his time on the phone and gave advice before I even hired him. He was there every step of my process. I have never been in this situation before so I felt comfortable after speaking with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. - Bisham C.

Seth was easy to get in contact with, and explained everything very well. He contacted me with updates whenever they occurred. His services saved me a lot of time and gave me the peace of mind to concentrate on other things going on in my life. I would definitely use him again, although I hope I don't have to.. - Donald G.

I found Mr. Hyman to be extremely detailed and thoughtful. He was knowledgeable and turned a terrible situation around. I would definitely use his services again. - J. Shuford

Seth was able to get both of my cases dismissed. I live in Colorado and hiring him saved me having to appear in court in Florida. He worked hard on my cases and got the results that I wanted. I could not be happier with his services! - Eric K.

Could not be happier with the results after hiring Mr. Hyman to handle my case. From day 1 Mr. Hyman kept me well informed and up to speed on every aspect of my case. Throughout the following few months he was as professional, honest, caring, and reliable as anyone could ask for when hiring a lawyer. Truly a man of great character and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. - Mark C.

Seth got both my husband’s cases dismissed. He was super fast at getting back to us and communicating updates on the case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a good attorney. Thank you Seth! - Amanda R.

Seth Hyman was a pleasure to work with. His professionalism and extensive knowledge of the law required the prosecutor to drop the case rather quickly. I felt his fee was fair and he completed the job at the agreed upon price. I would highly recommend Seth Hyman for any legal needs. - Brian K.

Seth Hyman did an amazing job representing me. Each time we met he was careful to ask me a lot of questions about my case and he took notes the entire time. As I revealed more and more of the details of my case to him, he was constantly evaluating the new information, making strategic adjustments, and advising me of the impacts, risks, and opportunities as he saw them.

He was incredibly patient as we practiced the questions he would later ask me in court and he expertly coached me from being my own worst enemy to someone who could actually give decent testimony before the judge. It was also very comforting for me that he takes the time to patiently explain judicial procedure at every turn.

In court, he did exactly what you want from a great lawyer. He asked the perfect questions during cross. He objected aggressively without annoying the judge. And I would say that by being able to listen patiently while the judge *seemed* as though he was making a huge mistake he won my case before even a third of the evidence was presented.

This man is an expert in knowing what works to succeed in court. If you want the best possible outcome in your case then hire Seth Hyman. I'm very grateful to have found him. - Dietrich S.

I’ve never had to hire a lawyer before and the moment I explained to Seth my wife grandmother situation, I knew then and there he would do everything he can to help us out. No matter the situation, Seth always finds a way to look out for you. He was persistent with the case and within 2 weeks all charges were dropped. I would highly recommend to hire Seth. I went through a couple of law firms before Seth, paid the consultant fee, for them to tell me there’s nothing they can do. Seth Hyman proved them wrong. Thank you Seth for helping out my family! - Kenneth S.

Seth Hyman is an excellent lawyer from start to end, having to go through every little detail of my case with a fine tooth comb, he did not miss a beat!!! Very informative always keeping you up to date. Seth fought tooth and nail to get my case basically dropped i was very pleased with his performance and recommend Seth to anyone. - David R.

If you need a Lawyer and in a tight jam...This is your man!
I want to first off say Thank you and I really appreciate all the Time, Dedication, & patience that you put forth in Your display of professionalism & mental stability. I know for a fact I can be a hard individual to understand when my excitement runs its course, Seth Hyman’s adaptation to my energy and bringing it to a tamed state of calm is what really helped me overcome my anxiety spike.

Long story short...Yes Seth Hyman is a available, YES he is Definitely qualified. Do I recommend him...HELL YES ( Excuse my passion ) plus he comes with a perks He Was a Prosecutor...if that’s not a perk I don’t what is! This is your Lawyer! - Keenan D.

Seth is the best lawyer ever. He was always on top of things even though with COVID the court case kept getting delayed.
In the end Seth got my case dismissed. - William C.

I needed to research an incident for my business that occurred in the mid-70's. It was complicated but Seth worked diligently and got me the information we needed. I would not hesitate to hire him again. - Jay B.

I was in a bit of a predicament and needed a lawyer fast, I came across Seth Hyman Law on Google and read all of the reviews and testimonials. I was very impressed with what I read, so I decided to give the practice a call. To my surprise I spoke directly to Seth as opposed to many of the other law firms I called where I spoke with a secretary or an assistant. Mr. Hyman was very informative and helpful, even before agreeing to use his services. He was not pushy and provided a fair fee for services. Money well spent. He was prompt and very professional, he took care of my case and provided me with reassurance that everything that could be done had been done. I recommend him to anyone that needs representation. - Pablo G.

Very prompt and professional! Seth Hyman assisted me with filing a motion to the court to convert community service hours to a fine. The motion Seth filed included every detail I requested to be mentioned within the motion. Seth also kept me updated throughout the process and had the motion sent in immediately. The motion was granted within a week because of holidays. Thanks again! - Colby B.

Very professional law firm. Seth handled my case and resolved the issue with sheer professionalism, compassion and knowledge of subject area. He took the facts and used them for our benefit and executed as expected. In the end all charges were dropped and the case was closed within one week- ten days of him handling a very disturbing situation that another couldn’t handled. I will say that his firm has been some of the best legal money I’ve spent to date.
Consultation was free and we went through the facts then and he offered his advise which was sound and that was enough for me to choose his firm, which was definitely in my best interest.

Great law firm and very knowledgeable lawyer. - Antwan E.

Seth Hyman evaluated my situation, recommended a course of action and completed all documents expeditiously. He answered and/or returned my calls promptly. The professional support resolving the issues was appreciated. - Anonymous

Seth was awesome always available. Very patient. He explained the process in great detail and walked me through it, I highly recommend him. And I will be using him for all my future needs. - Kim C.