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How do I expunge my juvenile record in Florida?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

A juvenile record can impact your life in many unexpected ways down road. While most kids get into trouble now and then, more and more, authority figures are deferring to the criminal justice system to discipline misbehaving children. Where people would previously call someone's parents, now they just call the police.

Fortunately there's a silver lining

The juvenile justice system is geared more towards rehabilitation than the adult system. A juvenile that is found to have violated the law is adjudicated delinquent by a Judge. Fortunately, the criminal record of most juveniles found to be delinquent, is automatically expunged when they turn 21 years old. If the minor was categorized as a serious or habitual juvenile offender or committed to a juvenile correctional facility or juvenile prison, their record in most cases, will be expunged at the age of 26.

This cloud still has a little rain

Automatic expungement does not apply if a juvenile was prosecuted and convicted as an adult for a forcible felony. In that circumstance, any other juvenile record is merged with their adult record and cannot be expunged. Additionally, if a person who is over 18 years old, but has a juvenile record that hasn't been expunged yet, commits a forcible felony, then their juvenile record is merged with their adult record and cannot be expunged. Lastly, a juvenile adjudicated delinquent for specific sexual crimes and found to be a sexual offender may not have their record expunged.

There's a little sunshine pushing through this cloud

You may want your juvenile record expunged early and some people qualify. A person at least 18 years old, but less than 21 years old, who has not been charged by the State Attorney for any crimes within the 5-year period before the application date, can apply for an early expungement if they would otherwise qualify for an automatic expungement at 21 years old.

Expungements can be a complicated and long process that can be made easier by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. Seth Hyman Law ( ) exclusively provides legal assistance in criminal, DUI, and driving offense cases throughout Central Florida. Additionally, we handle sealing and expungements. Call 407-274-7501 or email for a free consultation.

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